Medical Services

Primary Care

Experience the future of primary care: personalized, convenient, and hassle-free. Say goodbye to waiting rooms, long lines, and the frustration of waiting for callbacks. Our service brings primary care to you, connecting you directly with your dedicated provider. Have questions? They’re just a call or text away. With our continuous medical resource by your side, you’ll always have the support you need. Welcome to a new era of personalized primary care.

Sick Visits

Experience the ease of healthcare right from the comfort of your home when you or your loved ones are feeling under the weather. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of waiting for a doctor’s appointment or visiting an urgent. With our sick visits brought to your doorstep, you gain seamless access to medical care without any hassle. Our all-inclusive flat fee covers the visit, basic relevant diagnostics, and prescriptions where appropriate. We cater to patients of all ages, providing compassionate care for various conditions, including but not limited to:
Discover the convenience of home-based medical care, and let us take care of you and your family’s health needs.

Diagnostic Testing

In need of bloodwork but the thought of visiting a lab is daunting? We’ve got you covered with our convenient blood testing and consultation services, designed to cater to your unique needs. Our medical professionals draw blood at your home (or office, hotel, pool, wherever is most convenient for you!) ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience.
Aside from offering blood testing, we also offer consultation services to ensure you fully understand results and together with you, our medical professionals set goals, offer insight, address concerns, and develop a plan to best suit your individual situation.
Say goodbye to:
Embrace our blood work experience:

*All specimens are sent to our partnered laboratory for processing. The fees associated with the processing/testing are billed directly from the laboratory to your insurance company. In the event insurance does not cover the testing or you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for these costs. Nevertheless, we prioritize transparency and have the exact testing costs readily available for you to prevent any surprises.


With telehealth, you can connect with our dedicated providers from the comfort of your own space, ensuring continuity of care no matter where life takes you. Experience the convenience of having your trusted healthcare professionals right by your side whenever you need them, making your well-being our top priority. Embrace the future of healthcare with telehealth and enjoy personalized care that truly goes with you, anytime, anywhere.